uses for a correction penpic
gazebo roofpic

gazebo roof

Saved from deletion on account of the colours and mmm the textures.
bulletproofbra Mar 07, 2006
so it can be done...pic

so it can be done...

A pictorial record of this rare occasion. My freezer is usually full to bursting but, by contrast, my fridge spends most of its time laying desolate, save…
bulletproofbra Mar 07, 2006
while my back was turnedpic

while my back was turned

This went from a bright morning, to a slightly snowy early afternoon to a very snowy mid-afternoon. In about five hours. Okay, I'm led to believe that…
bulletproofbra Mar 03, 2006
oodles of marxpic

oodles of marx

He had some int'restin' things to say.
bulletproofbra Mar 02, 2006


A close-up shot of Friend Julia's bag. I've seen a number of this style around in various colours and would SO have one if I…
bulletproofbra Feb 28, 2006
dawn skiespic

dawn skies

I'm told that to get the 'perfect' complete picture of clouds and landscape, you need to take three pictures, one normal, one overexposed and one…
bulletproofbra Feb 27, 2006
paintball not warpic

paintball not war

Running around some woods, scared carrying a paint-gun on a Sunday before lunchtime. Such craziness! This is extreme sports for the terminally bone-idle. I would be no…
bulletproofbra Feb 26, 2006
rooty toot manoeuvrepic

rooty toot manoeuvre

Rich in roots.
doodle giftpic

doodle gift

From Friend Junaid. One of the great things about working in a call centre, I suppose, is how neatly it fits alongside a craving to…
enter twenty-ought-sixpic

enter twenty-ought-six

New Years' resolutions are a waste of time and, largely, money. Anything that needs changing so desperately can just as easily be done on June 23rd as…
why not indeed?pic

why not indeed?

A street in Andover, one that allows most things if they're of unarguable reasons. But the no parking sign underneath belies the street name. Fascists!
bulletproofbra Dec 04, 2005
tastes like christmaspic

tastes like christmas

I saw a stationary shop with the full Christmas set-up. Who gets paper for Christmas? Honestly. Although they do sell all kinds of art supplies too (oil…
sparkler anarchypic

sparkler anarchy

Playing with fireworks. NEVER play with fireworks.
prozac notionpic

prozac notion

Sticker on a signpost, dispensing advice.
bulletproofbra Nov 25, 2005
the underearthpic

the underearth

A rather bizarre perspective, all from being rotated 180 degrees.
ross noblepic

ross noble

Comedy stylings at the Manchester Opera House, with a little side salad of incest references for tonight's performance.
refugee simulatorpic

refugee simulator

Just one reason why not to travel by Virgin Rail. They seem to sell twice as many tickets as they have seats and, hey! They don't…
bulletproofbra Nov 13, 2005
looking downpic

looking down

It struck me today that it's been years since I heard anyone use the word 'cutesy'. I should start a revival.
bulletproofbra Nov 04, 2005
another doorpic

another door

This time, a little bit shadowy and forboding.
bulletproofbra Oct 28, 2005
the ebay cherrypic

the ebay cherry

I found myself wondering how much you could expect to pay for Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes on DVD (if such a thing even exists)…
bulletproofbra Oct 18, 2005
levellers on the jazz stagepic

levellers on the jazz stage

25/06 2.35pm Last year was a drunken, but still impressive, acoustic performace in a small, kinda low-key tent. This year it's outside and all plugged-in! Yays!
bulletproofbra Oct 14, 2005
some puddles are acepic

some puddles are ace

A little puddle shaped like Africa and another shaped like a tree, complete with leaves in (which I was *very* impressed about). Mother Nature can…
bulletproofbra Oct 14, 2005
everyday is a school daypic

everyday is a school day

Well except for Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. Oh yeah, Saturday and Sunday too. I've done as much as four hours of work this week and I…
bulletproofbra Oct 06, 2005
huddersfield pavement artpic
the next episodepic

the next episode

The next four years at Huddersfield University doing BA Interactive Multimedia. The BA is for Bad Attitude! I ain't goin' in no plane, sucka!
bulletproofbra Sep 27, 2005

san andreas

okay, so i went and gone and done it.
3 new pics
bulletproofbra Sep 17, 2005
dewsbury sunsetpic
salvador's egg 'n' cress lunchtime specialpic
day twopic
bulletproofbra Aug 29, 2005

san andreas

okay, so i went and gone and done it.
17 new pics
bulletproofbra Aug 19, 2005
across the mudpic

across the mud

25/04 3.32am
bulletproofbra Aug 09, 2005

glastonbury 2005

4 new pics
bulletproofbra Aug 04, 2005

glastonbury 2005

13 new pics
bulletproofbra Jul 26, 2005

glastonbury 2005

6 new pics
bulletproofbra Jul 22, 2005


New posts will be, for the time being, appearing in the Glastonbury 2005 sub-gallery off over to the right there.
bulletproofbra Jul 21, 2005

glastonbury 2005

15 new pics
bulletproofbra Jul 21, 2005

glastonbury 2005

8 new pics
bulletproofbra Jul 13, 2005
well i s'pose i'd better post somethingpic

well i s'pose i'd better post something

I'd got into a pretty good routine of On Average 5 Pictures A Week, back there. And then it slipped. I looked through my Glastonbury 2004…
bulletproofbra Jul 09, 2005
post-glastonbury depression's a bitchpic

post-glastonbury depression's a bitch

Worse than any drug comedown I know. I've had my door locked and, as much as possible, been trying to pretend the 'normal' world outside…
bulletproofbra Jun 30, 2005
the narrowspic

the narrows

Wastin' a day in Leeds. One more sleep until Glastonbury. Eeshk.


Well, *I* like it...


Today's picture will appear on Friday. This is because of a reason.
bulletproofbra Jun 15, 2005


Kitty, you have basically gots to understand that you can't get that close while taking a picture. It's a pretty-looking box an' all, but I…
bulletproofbra Jun 14, 2005
par. tay.pic

par. tay.

I done gone had a fall-out with my liver again. I'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight, while stroppyboots strops off for another stroppy strop…
bulletproofbra Jun 12, 2005
no war but the class warpic

no war but the class war

"It's true man, it's totally true. That war in Iraq? That's not about *oil*, that's about *class*, you just try and prove me wrong". Yep, when…
bulletproofbra Jun 10, 2005


I like pictures of urban decay. It counterbalances my belief that, come on it's 2005 we should all be in shiny floating cities by now.
bulletproofbra Jun 09, 2005
experimental shot through the peep-holepic

experimental shot through the peep-hole

A few days off, been giving the camera a bit of a rest but that didn't stop me from using it to dick around with…


Just out of shot: Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr. going *mental*.
bulletproofbra May 30, 2005


"Dude, ur such a llama!", says the one in the foreground. "I know!", says the one at the back, "So are you, dickhead. And get off…
instead of real lifepic

instead of real life

Will this do? It pretty much describes my state of mind ... well, most days, actually. (It's a postcard that sits in a small frame atop…
bulletproofbra May 27, 2005


Nothin' hidin' behind this picket fence.
the lesser picturepic

the lesser picture

Just as I was taking my camera out of my pocket to take this shot, an aeroplane (probably en route to Leeds/Bradford) flew past, reflected…
fifty square metres of skypic

fifty square metres of sky

Probably a tad more than fifty.
the waitingpic

the waiting

John Shuttleworth at Leeds City Varieties, a few minutes late on stage which is a little bit unprofessional in my view. Very naughty. A sign condemning…
2005: a domestic goddesseypic

2005: a domestic goddessey

I sorted out my CD shelves (with new storage facilities to take care of the overflow), baked a couple of cakes (semi-rich fruit and lemon…
lovely boozepic

lovely booze

Enough to permanently damage the Earth's axis.
bill darepic

bill dare

Bill Dare is a comedy producer often mentioned after shows on BBC Radio 4. This has nothing to do with him or, indeed, anything else: Memorial…
bulletproofbra May 13, 2005
you are being watchedpic

you are being watched

It's a real picture but those look scarily like Photoshop clouds...
bulletproofbra May 12, 2005
through a dirty windowpic

through a dirty window

Some lovely sun and cloud work going on while I was stuck on a train.
bulletproofbra May 09, 2005
tube tubepic

tube tube

I was told that the Underground system was enormously complex and a skill known only to Those Special Southerners, but it was actually quite easy…
bulletproofbra May 08, 2005
down lowpic

down low

Going to Basingstoke for the weekend, where the horizon is made.
ground forcepic

ground force

Aaaaw, everyone loves daisies. Okay, I love daisies but I delude myself into believing that everyone likes them so I don't feel so cold and alone…
bulletproofbra May 05, 2005
gratuitous blossompic

gratuitous blossom

It's all the rage at this time of year.
bulletproofbra May 03, 2005


Good grafitti art is really good, bad grafitti art is... Well, just *look* at it. Half expect to find a short shopping list on there.
bulletproofbra May 02, 2005
my only friend, the endpic

my only friend, the end

Forests can be so cruel.
bulletproofbra Apr 29, 2005
lord of the peas: fellowship of the peapic

lord of the peas: fellowship of the pea

I got bored of the last title so now it's this.
bulletproofbra Apr 27, 2005
cat amongst the chownspic

cat amongst the chowns

Kitty Aequitas had her scheduled trip inside the washing machine. And I love chaotic bookcase arrangement.
bulletproofbra Apr 26, 2005


The camera never lies. But don't trust a damn word Adobe Photoshop says. And *definitely* don't lend it any money, it'll be the last you…
bulletproofbra Apr 26, 2005
stars within a starpic

stars within a star

Continuing my fascination with pretty lights, there's every chance I was a moth in my previous life. But a very snobby one. I mean, there's…
bulletproofbra Apr 25, 2005

my little empire

basically just pictures of my flat
2 new pics
bulletproofbra Apr 24, 2005
going up...pic

going up...

Sifting through a bunch of really ill-shot drunken photos, it was only really this one (the last of the lot) that grabbed my attention. There's…
bulletproofbra Apr 24, 2005
birdhouse in your soulpic
beat the boredompic

beat the boredom

Taking a pair of scissors, the letters that form the word 'Rollback' (an *very* annoying word) and a doing bit of reshuffling. To paraphrase Ferris…
the stowawaypic

the stowaway

Having avoided it for - well - years, thanks in no small part to the "Surface wash only!" label, Kitty Veritas managed to smuggle herself…
bulletproofbra Apr 21, 2005
inner-city artpic

inner-city art

One of five bits of local art in Dewsbury's one subway (ie. the path that leads across the road, beneath the road, not the New…
bulletproofbra Apr 20, 2005
terrorvision leeds unipic

terrorvision @ leeds uni

It's hard to take steady pictures when you have to hold your camera as high above your head as the arms will allow. Otherwise, it's…
terrorvision leeds unipic

terrorvision @ leeds uni

Bradford's finest for one week only. Although technically they played their self-named "last tour" in 2002 and now each persuing solo projects (with the exception of…
bulletproofbra Apr 17, 2005
a torch, a ceiling and a cardboard cut-outpic

a torch, a ceiling and a cardboard cut-out

Never mind your fancy, new-fangled "Pixar" movies...
bulletproofbra Apr 10, 2005
bulletproofbra Mar 18, 2005
Lostprophets Glastonburypic

Lostprophets @ Glastonbury

Pyramid stage, around 4pm, Saturday afternoon. "The heaviest band at Glastonbury".
Banco de Gaia Glastonburypic

Banco de Gaia @ Glastonbury

At about 11pm on the Saturday night, Croissant Neuf tent, Green Futures field.
bulletproofbra Jul 09, 2004
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stand-up comedy is my first love, although sometimes can be a comedy snob (with quotes like "that little britain second series must have taken all of ten minutes to write"). i rarely watch tv but i love my compuper., don't you hate people who say they love all kinds of music? you'll probably hate me, even though i enjoy keeping myself spread over a wide area. as far as i'm concerned, there's only two genres, good and bad. much of the 'bad' genre is filled with the mainstream, radio-friendly pop tarts while the good covers the likes of nick cave and the bad seeds, underworld, lemon jelly, white stripes, u.n.k.l.e. etc.

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