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About Me:

the title is just what it says on the tin. these galleries are purely about photo- documenting my life because, to be honest, I don't trust my memory. if some other people along the way should happen past it, then i hope you find some enjoyment in it. if not, it doesn't matter.


stand-up comedy is my first love, although sometimes can be a comedy snob (with quotes like "that little britain second series must have taken all of ten minutes to write"). i rarely watch tv but i love my compuper., don't you hate people who say they love all kinds of music? you'll probably hate me, even though i enjoy keeping myself spread over a wide area. as far as i'm concerned, there's only two genres, good and bad. much of the 'bad' genre is filled with the mainstream, radio-friendly pop tarts while the good covers the likes of nick cave and the bad seeds, underworld, lemon jelly, white stripes, u.n.k.l.e. etc.

Favorite Movies:

waking life - everything else is a footnote. :)

Favorite TV Shows:

there's pretty much only doctor who at the moment.

Favorite Books:

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, good omens, trainspotting, the malibu stork nightmares, no logo